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Mohammad Abdul Majid is the Chairman of Bangla Puzzle Limited. He has strong software development experience and education from different universities and organizations. He is expert in online education. He completed 21 courses from 17 different universities. He studied about Introduction to Game Design from California Institute of the Arts. He received the certificate at March 4, 2016 via Coursera. He has born in Khagrachari and lives in Dhaka. He is going to India and Bhutan as Business and Personal tour. He is successful Chairman and CEO of Bangla Puzzle Limited. Now 42 people are working at his company.

His favorite university is University of Michigan. He earned a certificate at Programming for Everybody via Coursera at March 10, 2016. He has interest about Game business. He has completed the certificate course ‘Business of Games and Entrepreneurship’ from Michigan State University at August 1 2016. Augmented Reality is his big choice. He earned certificate from ‘Institute Mines-Telecom’ at December 12, 2017. This course name is Getting Started with Augmented Reality.


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